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Château Maison Noble St Martin

Our Château

Chateau Maison Noble began its history as a feudal castle, it was built in the early 14th century. This place breathes with history and centuries-old traditions, valor and fine taste, sophistication and hard work. Chateau Maison Noble honors traditions and develops steadily, you can learn the story of this wonderful place in the section Our History.

Feudal times are long gone, but Chateau Maison Noble managed not only to preserve the unique appearance and magnificent cedars that are the pride of the estate and adorn the facade of the main building. No, besides that we have kept the main thing, without which Chateau Maison Noble would probably not has been possible. We have preserved our vineyards as well as the centuries-old tradition of harvesting grapes and producing excellent Bordeaux wines. You can find out more about our secrets of the production in the section Our Savoir-faire.

But for Chateau Maison Noble wine production is not only tribute to tradition. We grow 115 hectares of vineyard which are located on 9 nearby villages. We create wines that have received many prestigious awards both in France and around the world. Out team practice sustainable wine growing, to reduce the environmental impact, in order to create a harmony between the terroir, man and the environment. We produce PDO (protected designation of origin, in French AOC) wines: Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge, Bordeaux Rouge, Entre-Deux-Mers, Bordeaux Rosé. You can get acquainted with our region, our domain and Our Wine storehouses in the section Our Vineyards.

But of course you realize that Chateau is not only about vines and cellars with long rows of dusty wine barrels. First of all, these are the people whose hands are cultivated this land, whose labor our vineyards develop and renew, whose knowledge and passion create new flavors of our wines. Thanks to all those people Chateau Maison Noble keep on going ahead. You can find out more about these people in Our Team section.

The Wines of Château Maison Noble

Bordeaux Papillon
Grand Vin de Maison Noble
Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge
Bordeaux Rouge
Bordeaux Blanc

But of course the main thing is our wine. Wines that are produced according to the highest quality standards and represent our vision of a long journey from tradition to modern technology of wine making. Eleven varieties of wine, each with it`s own unique character. They are divided into three groups. Popular wines embodying the most modern technologies from the Traditional cuvées collection. Refined and always elegant Cuvées Fleurs wines, which embody tradition and consistently high quality. Also the pride of our winemakers are limited edition wines such as Cuvées 1345 and Cuvées Souvenir.

The Charms of Maison Noble

In recent years, we have been actively developing wine tourism, because the interest of tourists in the life of Bordeaux wine houses is steadily growing. Thanks to these efforts, a number of tourist programs have appeared in the chateau, which are suitable for both individual and group visits to the Chateau Maison Noble. The list of programs is constantly updated, as we try to keep up with the times and embody new modern ideas. For more information on the tours and masterclasses that we offer today, you can in the Oenotourism section.

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Well, for those who are fascinated by this place and want to continue their acquaintance seeing the beautiful sunrises of the Bordeaux province and enjoying the silence, clean air and historical flavor of this wonderful region, we have a tempting offer. You can spend a few days, or even a week, at the beautiful guest house La Veranda du Chateau Maison Noble. We are ready to offer for our guests 6 rooms decorated with the greatest care, in a romantic spirit, bring you all the well-being expected. You can see these wonderful rooms and learn more about the living conditions in the La Veranda du Chateau Maison Noble in the Our Houses section.

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Also, the Chateau Maison Noble has excellent opportunities for holding various kinds of events such as seminars, receptions, master class. We are ready to offer you three excellent halls with a capacity of 25 to 50 sitting people. A seminar, a professional meeting organized in an exceptional site, surrounded by our vineyards and other green landscapes, it is perfect to work peacefully and with conviviality. You can find out more about our possibilities for receiving events in the Our Reception Halls section.

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Well, for special occasions such as weddings and banquets, we are ready to offer turn-key wedding services that take into account all aspects of the weekend for both you and your guests. Our team is here to make the planning steps easy and very enjoyable. And we always limit our schedule to just one wedding per week of the season to keep everything fully focused on your event. Chateau Maison Noble is one of the best wedding venues in our region. If you want to know more about our possibilities related to weddings and banquets, or to book a venue for your event, also visit the Our Reception Halls section.