Oenotourism is at the centre of our common values: All year round you can visit our vineyard, take part in wine tasting workshops but also cooking workshops, a genuine opportunity to share a special moment with people who have a passion for wine and gastronomy. In our gift shop you can discover our products (gift boxes, baskets of wine and other products and goodies) but also the local products which we select for each season (foie gras, chocolates, honeys, grape juice and other really well-appreciated culinary delights.) We are keen to transmit our knowledge and our savoir-faire/skills to all our visitors, adults and children, wine-lovers or not.

Opening times : 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
For any further information, any estimates for groups,
don’t hesitate to write maison.noble@orange.fr
or call her : +33 6 12 77 36 29

Oenotourism benefits

Guided tour of the vineyard : 2 hours

We will present you our wine-growing region, the « Entre-deux-Mers », whose cultural and architectural wealth is well-known.

We will tell you the history of our vineyard, a former feudal castle dating from the 16th century.

You will discover a vineyard which is today famous by the work of a whole team who has a passion for the world of wine.

- A walk in the vineyards
- A visit of the wine storehouses and meeting with the workers
- A walk and photos in the gardens offering splendid and unique views.

The guided tour will end with a tasting of four classical vintages (2 red wines, 1 rosé wine, 1 white wine), in the Sauvignon hall (gift shop)

Availabilities : all week and at the weekend by appointment

Introduction to wine tasting : 1 hour

How to taste wines ?

You’ll discover and learn about the different stages of tasting.

The eye, the nose, the mouth, our senses are at work to identify different flavours: mineral, floral, vegetal, animal…

How to serve wine, when and for what kind of occasions? In this workshop you will taste with a variety of cheese our PDO wines: Entre-deux-Mers, Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur. Price : 5 € per person (2 to 18 people).

Availability : by appointment

Food and wine pairing

Discover which are the best dishes to pair with the wines of our vineyard: sweet, savoury, spicy… you will know all about what to pair and not to pair.

You will be served appetisers, tickling your taste buds and awakening all your senses.

Our wines, light, fruity, tannic, woody, spicy can be tasted with surprising dishes that you will discover.

You will be given a booklet where you will find ideas of dishes to pair with Bordeaux wines and also the mistakes to avoid in these food pairings.

Availabilities : only by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Cooking workshop : 4 hours

An exceptional workshop with an external consultant : a chef from the region of Bordeaux.

When you make your booking, we will propose you menus that you will be keen to cook and then taste.

On D-Day, the chef will help you in the cooking of the dishes for 2 hours.

Lunch or dinner will then be served to eat all together in the château or in the guest house (subject to availabilities)

This particular menu will be accompanied by our Château Maison Noble wines in a pleasant atmosphere

Availabilities : Bookings only by appointment from Monday to Saturday