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Benefits and services

We are wine-growers who are passionate about our job. We develop our skills in œnotourism, through an informative service and by being attentive to our customers.

Surrounded by magnificent vineyards, our estate can be used for seminars or private receptions, we can help you  organize the event that you wish to celebrate.

We can recommend you partners we are already working with, in order to help you with the organization of your event.

Nevertheless, we can help you in all your procedures, and we know that there can sometimes be a lot of them, depending on  the event you would like to celebrate (in addition to those quoted below).

Seminars, receptions, master class…

A seminar, a professional meeting organised in an exceptional site, surrounded by our vineyards and other green landscapes, it is perfect to work peacefully and with conviviality.

Sauvignon Room

Cabernet Room

Merlot Room

Château Maison Noble Weddings, banquets

Weddings, banquets

An anniversary, a baptism, a communion, a wedding, a party or a private event and particular in your life, our domains are enchanted by their landscape and their atypical decoration. Where elegance, charm, comfort and tranquility are honored, we respond to all your requests and all that is our power, so that this event is unique or up to your desires.

The Cabernet Room, at the Chateau, is ideal for receptions of - 50 people. Our marquee at the guest house is perfect for up to 150 people.

Different options are available to choose the perfect place to spend a pleasant time surrounded by your loved ones. We listen to you from start to finish and do everything we can to make you happy on D-Day.

Wedding venues

The Chateau Maison Noble St Martin

A Saint Martin du Puy

In the park of Château Maison Noble St Martin, at Saint Martin du Puy. One garden, in front of the castle and the other one on the south side with a theatrical view on a green meadow. We can provide a fully-equipped kitchen, toilets and a cloakroom. You can park up to 30 cars in the private car park.

These gardens are the perfect place to celebrate a unique event in enchanting and attractive surroundings.

The Veranda Castle Noble House

A Caumont

In the gardens of the Veranda of Château Maison Noble, at Caumont, with an outstanding view on the vineyards. The Veranda is a Guest House, which can accommodate about fifteen persons (guestrooms). Located on a peaceful and romantic site, it is the perfect place for a party weekend, with the family or friends. You can park up to 50 cars.

The comfort and the services we provide for our guestrooms are up to your wildest dreams: the Room Pinot Noir, as known as the bridal room, will prolong your evening in a waking dream.

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